Nature Culture Scotland Corporate Identity

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Nature Culture Scotland is a non-profit organization which hosts events at various natural locations accross Scotland. Their events create meaningful experiences that connect people to nature and local culture and inspires them to develop effective ways to contribute to their communities.

Nature Culture Scotland grew from previously successful organizations with the aim of amalgamating their expertise and expanding their range of services.

First the logo and later the core stationery items had been created. The logo, which features on the stationery, is a symbol which reflects life in nature, the unity of plants and wildlife and the harmony, which people attending their courses, will experience.

The Organization uses mainly digital material to advertise themselves, this is why their main marketing tools are the (currently building) website and E-newsletters.

A natural background accompanies the core elements of the brand, and on the (developing) website 5 full screen photos will refer to 5 significant areas they work within. These photos will be covers and illustrations for the accompanying descriptions which the user can easily swipe or click through before entering to the practical details about each events and courses.

The website is fully responsive and based on a custom built Wordpress template. Among the functionalities there will be an event calendar, back-end database for staff, photo galleries of events etc.

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