Fresher’s Guide of Heriot-Watt University

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Heriot-Watt University’s history dates back to 1821 and it is the UK’s eight oldest educational institution. It is a modern, dynamic and international  university with a reputation for world-class teaching and practical, leading-edge research. Heriot-Watt is one of the top UK universities for business and industry. It has three campuses in Scotland, one in Dubai and one in Malaysia.

At the beginning of each semester the Freshers Guide provides new students with information about enrollment dates, campus facilities and various practical information.

An A5 format booklet was designed to be easy to carry around while students are getting familiar with their new environment.

A “flow” of lines and images run through the publication, symbolizing the order of the steps the students will be involved with during their first weeks.

The cover is printed on silk, coated material with spot UV varnish over the lines and single colour images. The inside is printed on a bright white, un-coated paper.

The chapters are colour coded with specific colours, which had been used in other flagship publications to mark the various schools within the university. The use of colours make this booklet fit in and helps the navigation through the content.

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